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Living Divani

Living Divani, since the early 1970s, has blazed its own trail by establishing an intensive exchange with the contemporary design world, becoming a standard-setter in the field. A strategic role has been played by its partnership with Piero Lissoni, who has been shaping its unique style since 1988. Over the years, the company has put together a comprehensive range of sofas, armchairs, beds, and decorative accessories, through steady creative development and a production process that has gradually led to the creation of a complete living room collection; the key element is a sofa system featuring discreet shapes and volumes, flanked by bolder accessories – chairs, small armchairs, and coffee tables – that adapt to each decor and accentuate its character, from the most streamlined and austere to the most whimsical and decorative. Alongside its living room furnishings, the company has developed bedroom and outdoor collections. Its bed designs have evolved naturally out of the sofas, with sober, neutral shapes set off by a line of cashmere throws in shades of orange, beige, and chestnut. For the outdoor furnishings, high-tech fabrics with a feeling of substance and detail are used to upholster shapes also found in the indoor pieces: a double function that underscores their versatility. This exploration of materials can also be seen in the pattern-stitched fabrics, textured linen and cotton weaves, raised prints and edge-to-edge seams – decorative touches always marked by tasteful restraint – that upholster Living Divani articles. The Living Divani product range is also conceived for contract design; because of its high quality, outstanding technical features, and customization options, it has been used in projects around the world, in every sector: offices (Deutsche Telekom in Bonn, Bayern Post in Munich, Andersen Consulting in Rome), banks (Ras Bank), airports (El Al Israel National Airlines at the King David Lounge in Paris, Tel Aviv, and New York), hotels (Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal in Venice, Ginza Royal Garden Hotel in Tokyo), waiting areas (Grand Prix Circuit waiting room and press room in Bahrain, Ministry of Foreign Affairs waiting room in Palazzo della Farnesina, Rome), museums (the National Gallery in Victoria, Australia), restaurants (Operakallaeren in Stockholm and KeyClub47 in Vienna) and showrooms (Ermenegildo Zegna and Max Mara). Today, Living Divani has a new managing director, Carola Bestetti; she represents the next generation whose enthusiasm and capacity for dialogue will carry forward its important tradition, taking on the dynamics of a constantly changing market. This has brought a new breath of femininity and aesthetic feeling to the company, which is located in Brianza, the heart of the Italian furniture district. Riding high on the 25% growth rate it has experienced over the last two years, Living Divani has a widespread distribution network in Italy and other major European countries, such as Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in the United States and the Far East, making approximately 80% of its turnover from exports. Over 400 high-end retail venues in key cities regularly showcase the company’s collections and new items. In 2007, the company teamed up with Boffi and Porro to create BY, a joint venture that brings together three historic names in Italian furniture; the project objective is to develop a selected number of shops around the world that will offer a complete range of home furnishing systems. The Living Divani company has always worked with first-rate designers such as Arik Levy, Claesson-Koivisto-Rune, Harry & Camila, Nathan Yong, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Piero Lissoni, Shiro Kuramata and Wolfgang Tolk.