Astep milano lampade illuminazione


Astep, founded by Alessandro Sarfatti, grandson of Gino Sarfatti, it is a design company that looks at the future respecting tradition and Made in Italy. The collection includes the re-edition of the famous VV Cinquanta designed by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó, the historical Model 2065 by Gino Sarfatti and the innovative Candle signed Francisco Gomez Paz. In 1939 Gino Sarfatti founded Arteluce, a company that – for the first time – introduced design to the lighting business. In 1978 Riccardo Sarfatti created Luceplan with her wife Sandra Severi and architect Paolo Rizzatto: they linked design with technology and envisaged a new business model – working with specialized, talented and carefully handpicked industrial craftsmen – that became synonymous with “Made in Italy” quality and innovation. Both Arteluce and Luceplan created one icon after another, luminaires not only of timeless beauty but that also embed the meaning of evolution. Astep creates new products for the home – objects that give digital technologies a more meaningful standing in our domestic lives.
All the Astep collection are sold by Spotti Milano.